On The Fenceline was Marcus Heidl’s debut novel:

Jonathan Zimmerman in 2005 suspects his German grandmother may have killed her sister during the Second World War. When he goes to investigate, he has no idea his own life will be in danger.

His second book is DrR:

A plot by China to rule the world, by going through the back door of western civilization, has overwhelmed every western government in 2024. Only the most secret of all secret-services can save the West. But their top man, agent Orla Jensen, retired years ago and wants nothing to do with his past. The only way to get him back in service, is to threaten the two things he treasures the most–his family and his own secret.

The third book in the series is Klump; currently being written.

The world in 2027 has changed for everyone involved including Harry Stenson. After a few bad decisions, he has lost his wife and family, and a former life in the world of international high finance. Living on the mean streets of Copenhagen, a former colleague is found dead. And Stenson knows why. But will the Five-Eyes National Security Agency of the new global order believe a homeless man about an imminent cryptocurrency attack?

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    Feb 24, 2020

    Blessed with good friends, family and arguably good taste, Heidl spends much of his time writing and creating in places of beauty, intrigue and inspiration. (Location: near Ebeltoft, Denmark)

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    Background Stories

    On the Fenceline was inspired by the refugee journey taken by a grandmother from Ukraine during the Second World War as they fled to Germany and eventually to Canada. With seven children in tow, a second husband drafted into the German Army, a first husband murdered by the Russian secret police, and Allied soldiers trying to send her back, life could not get more complicated and full of peril. On The Fenceline, as often said of fiction, was a simplified story. Few would believe the truth.