Marcus Heidl was born in 1973 near the city of Aarhus, Denmark. His British parents, lawyers at the time for the Danish merchant marine industry, raised Marcus and his brother Michael in a mix of British and Danish traditions before eventually emigrating to Canada.

He received a degree in Architecture from the Technical University of Nova Scotia and ran an architectural firm in Victoria, BC for nearly twenty-five years, while somehow finding time to write his novels.

The writing of, On The Fenceline began as a recounting of a close friend’s family history but eventually, with all due respect to his childhood friend, morphed into a grandma-killer crime thriller.

His second novel DrR, is expected to be out in late 2022.

He currently lives on a small island bounded by the schedules of small aluminum boats and gusty weather, which all his family members agree, is the way they like it.


Hiking anywhere that has ancient trees or vast deserts, but rarely anything in-between, tatty fedoras and mint vodka.